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Astrobrights 7pc Magnetic Daily Weather Kit


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  • Each Kit includes 6 Weather Icons: Sunny, Snowing, Raining, Cloudy, Partly Cloudy, and Windy and “Today’s Weather Is” phrase
  • Features Astrobrights colors and made of durable materials to handle frequent use
  • Each piece comes with a magnetic backing to adhere to white boards and more!
  • Help fuel education by teaching your students about the weather
  • Ideal for teachers and parents


Out of stock

Have fun with weather in the classroom with this 7-Piece Daily Weather Kit! Each kit includes 6 different weather graphics and “Today’s Weather Is” phrase to help young scholars learn about weather. Featuring Astrobrights colors and laminated for everyday use, each icon and phrase can be used each day to highlight the daily weather. Each piece comes with a pre-assembled magnet, so decorating and learning can begin today!

Teach Vibrantly
Earn cool points with your students with brightly colored teaching décor. Astrobrights® Classroom Décor, Color Paper, and Color Card Stock products can colorize any classroom. With a variety of décor options that are bright and functional, you can teach vibrantly. Brighter colors. Brighter ideas.

Colorize Your Classroom
Studies by the American Paper Institute show that color increases retention by 18 percent.


Paper Size: Non-Standard Paper Size

Paper Coating: Uncoated

Package Quantity: 7

Binding type: Unbound

Paper rule: No Rule

Material: Cardstock Paper