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Bad Aim – Party Game – Shoot Cards To Avoid Doing Wild Truths & Dares


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BAD AIM isn?t your average ?sit around the table? party game for adults. It is the unpredictable party game where two teams race to shoot down targets that contain outrageous challenge cards. The first group to shoot down their targets wins, while the losing team is forced to complete the challenges left standing. Bottom line? Those with Bad Aim shall be shamed. Target Board: This portable party in a box is easy to set up and store and guarantees you?ll be the party legend of your friend group (board width: 11.80 inches, height: 18.90 inches, depth: 7.67 inches) Toy Blasters: They might look small but these bad boys are growers not showers. They pack a punch and shoot more like bazookas than toy blasters.

  • Warning: If you have Bad Aim you will be shamed
  • What is it: a high-stakes team shootout game that involves humiliating your friends, brutal truth-telling and action-packed dart blaster shooting.
  • How to Play: It’s a race. Form two teams and get ready to battle. First team to shoot down all their targets wins. All players on the losing team must do the challenges on the cards left standing.
  • What’s Inside: this card game includes 2 foam dart blasters, 24 foam darts, 1 target board of shame and 50 cards with over 175 wild challenges, truths, dares and penalties.
  • Ages: 17+/ Players: 2-10 / Play time: 10 minutes per round.
  • Challenge Cards: These cards are not safe for work. Scratch that, they?re not safe for any place.
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